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Author Topic: International Services  (Read 1178 times)
« on: November 17, 2010, 12:26:25 AM »

Please write a response to this section of the course.
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2010, 07:29:02 PM »

I found the discussion on International Services especially interesting because I knew the least about it going into the class. I always thought that International Service was just another name for disaster relief, but in other countries whereas Disaster Services was more focused in the US (both assumptions proving to be untrue). I feel somewhat naïve to admit that I've never heard of International Humanitarian Laws outside of the decal but it is good to know that there are set rules that are taught to armed forces in all countries, as to minimize the possible negative outcomes of war and protect those who are “in the line of fire” but who aren't actually participating in the war. I was shocked and disheartened to learn that up to 90% of casualties during war are citizens despite the International Humanitarian Laws. If only we could go back to the ways of the civil war when battles were fought on a battle field and not throughout an entire city, in homes of civilians and on the streets. I always wondered how mail worked with overseas soldiers. It's encouraging to know that Red Cross provides soldiers with the opportunity to and ability to still communicate with loved ones back home. I also had no idea that the Red Cross was involved in work of restoring family links. It sounds like a really tough, yet exceedingly rewarding job. It is great that the Red Cross is able to connect loved ones back together and relay messages amongst them. I was probably more impacted by this particular line of service than any other, surprisingly including disaster relief (which was my main interest in participating in the Red Cross Decal). I would love to get more involved in doing “detective” work to help restore family connections, like what Robin's doing. I am also exceedingly interested in participating in the Measles Initiative. In International Services especially, a little work can go a long way.

-Jenna Westendorf
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