DeCal Course

Spring 2013 - HMS 98/198 - Units: 2
Course page on the DeCal site: click here.

Available Spring 2013 on Mondays, 6-7:30pm in TBD.
CCN & CECs will be given out in the first class on February 4th, 2013.
Please bring a double spaced, one page reflection discussing the following: why you want to take this class, what service to the community means to you, and your past experiences with community service.  This is not for a grade, but it is to help us gauge your interest levels and decide who will be accepted into this class as we only have a limited number of seats.

Have you always been interested in working with the American Red Cross but not sure how to get started? This class is your chance to learn more about the mission and service of the Red Cross and the Red Cross Club on campus. Students will receive valuable training including First Aid and CPR certification at low cost. The class will include exciting speakers from the American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter (ARCBA) and will increase students’ team-building and project-planning skills. Students will be required to complete journal entries and homework assignments, as well as outside service hours in the form of Red Cross training and volunteering. No previous Red Cross or health experience is required.

This class is sponsored by Dr. Ann Stevens of Health and Medical Sciences. 2 units of P/NP credit will be offered through HMS 98/198.

Applications may be handed out if demand is high.

Course Facilitators: Lawrence Leung, Michelle Carney
If you are interested in the Red Cross but do not want to take the class, please attend our General Meetings and sign up for our mailing list on the Volunteer Now! page.