Volunteer Now

How to Volunteer with us

To be considered an active member, you must do the following:

    Membership Benefits

    Here's what you will receive for being a member:

    • Official Red Cross Club Member or Red Cross Volunteer status with our local Red Cross Bay Area Chapter
    • Ability to participate in any of our diverse Lines of Service committees.
    • Letter of recommendation co-signed by our club sponsors.
    • CPR/First Aid course priority. See the CPR/FA classes page for details.
    • Learn life-saving skills as well as helping to save lives.
    • Improve the Cal campus community while earning volunteer hours.
    • Meet wonderful people while supporting the mission of the Red Cross.

    Volunteer Hour Sheet PDF - Keep track of your volunteer hours with this log sheet
    Volunteer Connection Tutorial PDF
    Volunteer Connection (http://tinyurl.com/ARCvolunteerconnection)
    Online Orientation (http://tinyurl.com/ARCBAOnlineOrientation)