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The American Red Cross at Cal website
as of May 22, 2012

Much of the American Red Cross at Cal Website is self-sustained (no supervision needed to keep it going) with the exception of the members database, which must be archived and refreshed at the end of each semester.

Updating the Website

All instructions for how to update various parts of the site are listed at the top of the Officers Board:

Website History


2009 and Earlier

  • Prior to 2010, the only officer with any computer know-how was Robin Katz, so much of the website was what she could put together quickly on GoogleSites, primarily for display and presence. The ARC GoogleSite remains up to this day, although its homepage now links to the current site.

  • At the end of Fall 2009, William Mok added back-end functionalities such as the members database, calendar, gallery, and forum. The website still looked very much the same however because of indecision on where to take the appearance. Ironically much effort was made so the new site looked exactly like the googlesite.


Spring 2010

  • Going into the middle of Spring 2010, the website took its first major change in appearance by abandoning the dreaded blue-patterned background. The overall design was still fairly basic, with the notion that a larger overhaul would come that summer (though it never did). An archived version of the site is available at


Summer 2011

  • The current iteration of the site came into existence during the summer of 2011 as William was stepping down from the officer board to focus on school. The new layout was based on a prior scheme originally created for Innovative Design (based on the 2010 Fall Design by William Mok) but no longer in use. Much of the website was made easily editable to ensure future officers would not need programming experience. The website continues to remain accessible from both and

  • This wiki was born on May 22, 2012. :)

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